Consulting and Library

As expert in this field, I propose myself as consultant, investigating architectural aspects in design of new urban transport infrastructures, such as underground stations and interchange nodes. I will advise also for renovation and recovery of existing environments through careful targeted restoration. I gained my experience throughout study and systematic research.

My support will be useful for the design, particularly in the creation of illustrative material of the project and in the historical training of the designer identifying the most suitable models that respect the urban context. In that context the infrastructure will be built and is mandatory to obtain the best result, which can be realized through knowledge of the state of the art and focus on planning.

With my studies I have gathered a large specialized library on architecture and design of subways, stations, infrastructure nodes, first in their appearance architecture and design, but also from the cultural point of view, engineering and management. I will provide to designers, during the design phase, monographs, pamphlets and thousands of digital files referring to the majority of world plants. This material is constantly updated and refined, mainly written in Italian and English, but also in many other languages.